Get* Wordpress Support For Theme, Plugins & Errors

WooCommerce Support

WordPress and WooCommerce combination offers one of the most widely used eCommerce and online shopping platform. Although it is very easy to set up.

1. Email notification errors

In some cases, WooCommerce may not be able to send email notifications such as new orders, order information, etc.

2. session_start Warning

This problem is from your hosting provider’s end, you should contact their support.

Basically, it is caused when sessions in PHP did not setup correctly, or the sessions directory is not writable.

3.Blurry Images

Theme default image size and WooCommerce default image sizes are different.

The most common problem of a WooCommerce store is how your product will be displayed. You can manage your product display in two ways.

1.Theme Default Image Sizes
2. WooCommerce Default Image Sizes

4. WooCommerce/WordPress setup and versions

Errors in this category usually occur because something in the system is outdated or was not properly set up.

5. WooCommerce Server Configuration errors

This refers to errors that occur when WooCommerce stores do not receive any response from the server. Sometimes it happens as a result of an internal server error.