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As a business owner, you must want to see your website getting a good ranking and more customers regularly. You need to take care of the website by optimizing load time, checking server performance and maintenance, fixing errors, protecting it from malware attacks and hackers, etc. However, It is not feasible for you to maintain the WordPress website regularly due to business commitments. Here comes the role of online wordpress site maintenance service providers like us.

As the leading WordPress customer service company in the USA, we serve businesses with customized website maintenance and support, where we will update your site, protect it from hackers, reduce loading time, optimize it for various search engines according to user experience, etc. So, choose WP Customer Supports as your website maintenance partner and focus on other vertices of your businesses.

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The Best Services For You

We Provide A Complete Solution of WordPress Development Services And Woocommerce Configuration

Woocommerce support solution

Are you running a WooCommerce store and facing issues on your website? It is time to hire a WooCommerce maintenance and support service provider team to help you. Get in touch with us.

Migration support and upgradation

Are you finding it difficult to migrate your website from one server to another? Contact us. We will do it for you and, depending on your requirements, help you with website upgrades.

Bug fixes

Websites of all types often experience bugs, which must be fixed quickly. As a website maintenance service provider, we are happy to fix bugs on your site.

Assign a Dedicated WordPress Developer

We assign a dedicated WordPress developer to handle your site at any time. He will help you 24 /7 whenever you face issues on the site, whether it is a malware attack, server crash, slow loading speed, etc.

Payment gateway implementation

Integrate payment gateway on any of your business sites, ecommerce, SaaS, OTT, etc., with our assistance.

Woocommerce support

WooCommerce website maintenance is one of our primary areas of expertise as a website maintenance provider. Do contact us to resolve all your WooCommerce website issues.

Spam protection

Stop getting spam comments and emails on your website with our customized spam protection services.

Search Engine Optimization

This is the most important website maintenance factor for any business. It helps businesses rank higher on search engines and attract more customers. Contact us to get a quote.

All plugin and theme updates

Do you need more time to update your website’s themes and plugins? Our dedicated experts will take care of it for you.

Server issue resolution

We resolve server and hosting issues to keep the website active and functioning correctly in all conditions. Request assistance now.

Website Speed Improvement and optimization

Do not keep your website visitors waiting for pages to load. Quick-loading websites perform the best on search engines. Contact us to improve the speed of your business site.

24 X 7 support system

Whatever your website issue, contact us any time and get instant solutions to all your WordPress website issues, including maintenance, load time improvement, SEO, security, etc.

Website Maintenance and Support

At WP Customer Supports, the best WordPress maintenance service provider, you can get all types of website maintenance and support solutions.

Malware and Security protection

Your WordPress website is susceptible to malware attacks and security issues. But don’t worry, we will help you protect it from these issues and guide you further for future assistance.

Why should you consider website maintenance?

Regularly checking your WordPress website for updates is crucial for its security and optimal performance. Frequent audits and updates of core code, content, and plugins help you ensure your website is safe from malware attacks and hackers and that it is performing well.

These are a few benefits of WordPress Customer Support and Maintenance service for your website:

  •  Improved Performance: Frequent updates help your website speed up loading and give a better experience to visitors.
  •  Increased Security: Consistent website maintenance protects your site from malware attacks and hackers.
  •  Better User Experience: The updated WordPress site is more accessible and user-friendly. It gives more sales conversions and better customer satisfaction.

Collaborate with WordPress Customer Supports for support and maintenance service to keep your business site running smoothly, convert more visitors to customers and scale up your business.

Why choose WP Customer Support?

As one of the best WordPress maintenance companies in the US, we aim to help our clients improve the performance of their websites with the following features:

  • 24/7 WordPress maintenance services
  • Dedicated technical Team
  • Data safety
  • Quick turnaround time
  • 12 Years of experience as a WordPress website maintenance service provider
  • 100% client satisfaction
Who We Are ?

Website Maintenance and Support Company in the USA

WP Customer Supports is a renowned website maintenance and support company in the USA. As a trusted website maintenance service provider, we serve almost every business category, including small, medium, and large.
With 12 years of experience in the industry, we believe in client satisfaction and deliver value for the money they invest in website maintenance. Further, quick TAT is our main feature, where you will get timely resolution to your website issues.

  • What is WordPress support and maintenance service?

    WordPress website maintenance and support is an ongoing service process that protects website data and improves performance.

  • Why do I need WordPress maintenance services?

    WordPress websites involve regular updates to improve the platform’s performance and security. Therefore, you should consider frequent maintenance of your site.

  • What does a typical WordPress maintenance plan include?

    WP maintenance involves theme, plugin and core updates, security checks, backup, SSL certificate observation and fixes, malware removal, etc.

  • How do you optimize my WordPress site for better performance?

    To optimize websites for better performance, we choose reliable hosting and reliable PHP versions, use high-quality plugins, optimize image size, use lightweight themes, and take the actions necessary to protect websites from hackers and malware attacks.

  • Can you help with SEO optimization on my WordPress site?

    SEO is one of our core services as a part of website maintenance. So, we are always ready to help you optimize websites for search engines.

  • How do you ensure my WordPress site is secure?

    We install an SSL certificate on your website if it is unavailable. Further, install plugins for spam protection and ensure that you use updated versions of WordPress.