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Hacking Issue

How to get rid of hacked website?

WordPress sites get hacked because of vulnerabilities in plugins and themes. The security of plugins is not always on an expert level, plugin developers are not security experts.

A hacked WordPress website can be a cause of panic or frustration. But don’t be alarmed, no matter how bad the hack is, we can help you fix a hacked WordPress site.

Why it’s hacked?

Insecure Code : When buying premium themes and plugins, be sure to check the vendor’s reputation and get recommendations from people and sources you trust. Never install nulled plugins, which are premium plugins from free sites, designed to cause harm, or collect information.

Weak Passwords : Passwords are the keys to your WordPress site. You need to make sure that you’re using a strong unique password for each of the following accounts because they can all provide a hacker complete access to your website.

Incorrect File Permissions : File permissions are a set of rules used by your web server. These permissions help your web server control access to files on your site. Incorrect file permissions can give a hacker access to write and change these files.

And so on issues that we can fix your website.

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